AHA Facial Wash - 6 oz
AHA Facial Wash - 6 oz
AHA Facial Wash - 6 oz
AHA Facial Wash - 6 oz

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AHA Facial Wash - 6 oz

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Clogged pores cause acne, enlarged pores and congested skin. AHA Face Wash contains a whopping 10% of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to dive deep into the pores to help lift clogged oil, debris and dead skin cells for a flawless look.

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  • Skin Type

    Acne-Prone & Oily

  • Benefits
    • Contains a whopping 10% AHA
    • Decreases the appearance of pore size
    • Alpha hydroxy acid benefits the skin without redness or irritation
    • AHA’s are natural and derived from fruit and milk
    • Clean, exfoliated, flawless skin
  • Key Ingredients

    10% AHA – Of all the AHAs, Glycolic Acid has the greatest bioavailability, it penetrates the skin most easily because of its small molecular size and gets down into the pores to break up excess oil and debris. GA positively affects the top layer of skin (epidermis) and also the deeper layer (dermis) by sloughing off the old skin cells. At the dermis level skin appears plumped which decreases the look of fine lines.

    Olive Oil Castile – This is the soapy ingredient that removes dirt, excess oil, makeup, and pollutants. Some non-organic facial cleansers use toxic detergents containing sulfates to cleanse the skin. Olive Oil Castile washes thoroughly but gently respecting the lipid barrier not stripping the skin. It prevents dehydration and over-production of oil. Olive oil castile does a balanced job on your skin.

    Rosehip Seed Oil – This oil is cold-pressed, meaning no heat is used to avoid destroying any of the bio-active properties and benefits which includes high levels of vitamins A and C.

    Seaweed Extract – Helps to bind moisture to the skin so it stays youthful and supple. It acts as a multi-vitamin for the skin providing calcium, potassium, zinc and iodine as well as vitamins A, C, E, B3, B6, and B12.

    SKIN TYPE– Blemish prone, problematic, oily, normal, and combination

  • Full Ingredient List

    Aqua (water), saponified olea europaea (olive oil) castile, glycolic acid, glycerin (vegetable), rosa rubiginosa (rose hip) seed oil, fucus vesiculosus (seaweed) extract, citrus japonica (kumquat) fruit oil.

    Note: This product contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and increase possibility of sunburn. Use sunscreen, wear protective clothing and limit sun exposure while using this product and up to a week afterwards.

  • How To Use

    Apply cleanser into your palm, work up lather, and massage into damp skin. Rinse several times with warm water. Use twice daily for optimal results.

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Filler Free

Toxin Free

100% Lead Free

Cruelty Free

Gluten Free

GMO Free

Paraben Free

Sulfate Free

Made in the USA


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55 reviews for AHA Facial Wash – 6 oz

  1. Shelby Fonda

    This face wash is amazing, my skin has never looked better. Totally worth the extra money for clean ingredients

  2. Gloricel Daoudi

  3. Dana Sutter

  4. Donna Woods

    Very good product. Helps tremendously with acne. Thank you and especially for using organic ingredients.

  5. Jeanette Brown

    So far I’ve been using this product did a week, and it’s done some wonders for my skin in such a short amount of time. Will be getting more.

  6. Ruth Davis

  7. Martine Ceberio

  8. Denise Sargent

    I have super flaky skin these days, and while I have always used exfoliants, this AHA Facial Wash does a much gentler and more thorough job. I leave it on for a couple minutes— no more flakey skin. It’s amazing stuff. Don’t forget the sun protection or you will burn easily.

  9. Sarah Trauben

    I like the product for my face. I still breakout in my 50s but much less using this twice daily. I have been committed to it for about 4 years now. I do find that the color and smell of the soap seems to change over time. And for the one I keep in the shower, it actually drips a bit as well. Not sure why that happens but there is something about the shower environment.

  10. Julie Siebenaler

    After a using the AHA Facial Wash for about 3-4 days I noticed my face was smoother, and my pores starting to clear.

  11. Julia Dubinsky

    My favourite cleanser in the summer months when my skin gets extra oily and prone to acne. It lathers well, never over dries, and keeps my skin looking healthy and clear. Love it!!!

  12. Amy Mathews

    This is the best facial cleanser I have ever used on my acne-prone, oily skin! Helped clear my skin and keep it clear for the first time in my life. I love that it’s organic and also works SO WELL. Will continue to purchase, so happy I found it!

  13. Whitney Money

    Usually have oily skin and prone to acne. When used with the serum, it’s really cleared it up and helps control oil throughout the day!

  14. Jennifer Rova

  15. Susanne Gillies

    This facial cleanser is very refreshing and effective. It’s gentle yet clarifying. I am enjoying using this product!

  16. Tegan Ossington

    Great product. I had cystic acne and this product helped clear my skin.

  17. Kristen Clark

    This is an amazing product. After literally a decade of trying every other product out there to clear up my monthly flare-ups, sometimes cystic acne breakouts, and keep my skin free of dullness and debris, I finally decided to try more natural products. I found this originally on Amazon and thought I would give it a try. I purchased it directly through the company be natural. It has a great consistency and you can feel that it is working. Beware however, if you do buy through Amazon which I have done to have it shipped faster, the product tends to be outdated. It smells off and does not seem to be as potent. Buy directly from the manufacturer. This product has allowed me to save money since I don’t have to buy more products to try and heal my skin. I am a faithful user and will continue to buy this product.

  18. Dana Czerwiec

    I’m 40 years old and had moderate acne for almost 30 years. In recent years my skin has gotten less oily and I get a lot of dry patches. This cleanser is the best I’ve found to help out with both. If I had totally clear skin with no dryness I’d give it 5 stars. But my skin is definitely worse when I don’t use it for several days.

  19. Emily Yuen

    wonder why the quality varies, sometimes color chages, smell changes, and difficult to generate foams

  20. Katherine Young

  21. Sarah Draper

  22. Jessica D Heimer

    Even using it a couple times a week makes my face way to dry with no improvement in my skin that I can see.

  23. Miki Skupas

    My daughter loves it

  24. Abigail Ortega-Corretjer

    I definitely have enjoyed this cleanser, it’s been almost a month and my skin has NEVER looked this good! I’ve had clear skin before which only lasted a few days but with this cleanser my skin has been improving each day instead of turning back! I plan to purchase more in the future!

  25. Debra Gorham

    It’s hard to find face wash that doesn’t make me break out. This stuff is amazing. I received it in the mail quick and definitely recommend this product.

  26. Patricia Thomason

    Love the facial wash. I was particularly looking for one with 10% Hydrolic Acid as I could no longer get the product I’d been using for 10 years.

  27. Elizabeth Geerlings-Jones

    I’ve tried so many different products and this is by far the best one. I recommend this to everyone.

  28. Linda Weekley

    This face wash is gentle, yet seems to be effective.

  29. Sonya Butcher

    My skin feels soft and clean.

  30. Amy Twisselman

    Keeps my face clear of acne, and helps my face look more even. Love this stuff!!

  31. Courtney Burns

    This is the ONLY facial wash I’ve ever used that has actually helped keep my late 20s skin at bay. I still break out around that time of the month (and there’s nothing you can do about that), but the rest of the month this helps keep my skin clean and clear. If you have an open pimple, dry or even sensitive skin I’d be wary of using this. There is an acid in here, so it will burn. I experience it from time to time myself. If you’re kind of oily to really oily, this is a must!

  32. Brittany Madigan

    I’ve struggled with acne for over 15 years and my skin has never been this clear since I started using this face wash, the Elderberry Balancing Mist, and the BHA serum. Love it.

  33. Cynthia Crowe

    Cleanser cleans gently and thoroughly. It leaves skin soft.

  34. Darlene Madsen

    Great cleanser. Nice subtle scent.

  35. Wanita Mascho

    Great products, would definitely buy again!

  36. Clemencia Pelaez

    I just got it but I can tell my skin feel AMAZING.

  37. Stephanie Perosky

    I’ve used many many cleansers (both natural and dept. store products) over the years and this stuff is by far the best! So incredibly happy with this product! My face has been acne free and super soft ever since using this. This product does more than it’s job of maintaining acne-free skin and I no longer have to battle with cleansers that left my face dry and irritated. I can’t say enough good things about this cleanser and am so happy to have found Be Natural Organics!

  38. Shelia Kelligan

    Although I should be too old for breakouts, I still have them once in a while. When I do I use this for a few days and it clears the breakout up. I have no problem with it drying my skin either.

  39. shantae johnson

    I should have wrote this review a long time ago, but i’m doing it now. From the very first time you put this product on your face, you can feel your skin texture smoothing with each rub. I have seen a difference in my skin, and it works wonders. I am acne prone and physical exfoliants irritate my skin, so this is perfect! My mom wants one, and I will definitely repurchase…FOR LIFE!!! Thanks Be Natural Organics!

  40. Alisandra Alzaghtiti

    I love how this cleanser does not strip the skin. It cleared my pimples therefore saving me money on not buying foundation! It is gentle and effective on the skin. It is soft and is not harsh. I highly recommend this for oily, acne prone, and problem skin!

  41. Brittany Zurawski

    I absolutely love this face wash as it exfoliates my skins gently with the best ingredients. I am so happy I found benaturalorganics products. I will not use any others!

  42. Rachel Wells

    Along with changing my diet I chose to switch my skin care products to all organic and all natural vs. those harsh commercialized products. This was the first face wash I tried from B Natural, and I’ve stuck with it ever since. It’s been just over a year since I’ve been using these products, and they’ve totally transformed my skin. For someone who struggled with acne their whole life. I know how frustrating it can be to not have clear flawless skin. But, thanks to B Natural’s Acne-Prone Skin Collection I do!

  43. michelle moor

    This really helped clear up my skin!!

  44. Laura Essenmacher

    I love the AHA facial Wash. It has really helped clear up my adult acne. Not completely but it is much better than before. I only wish your bottle was larger for the same price.

  45. Amy Parks

    I’ve ordered this multiple times, and I think it gets better the longer I use it. Love it!

  46. Stamatina Daliani

    I don’t have it yet so I can test it

  47. Gina M Schaff

    Ive used many, many face soaps and very pricey ones. I love this product. After all my years of using Pro Active, I am finally seeing the resukt and the skin Ive been wanting with Aha face wash. Love it!

  48. Matt Mascho

    I love this cleanser, it is not to harsh for my skin but does the job cleaning dead skin and leaving my face soft and smooth.

  49. Stacy Gamble

    Great Products!

  50. Kristen Kennelly

    Great cleanser my acne/oily skin feels clean but not stripped. Unclogs the pores and makes my skin feel good!

  51. Stacy Gamble

    The wash cleanses nicely and rinses off well.


    My daughters LOVE all of your acne products. We tried all different over the counter and prescription products and your acne skin care line is the only one that works consistently.

  53. Nikki Ramirez

    I am a 22 year old college female. I have supra fair skin and acne prone. I used to smother my face in chemicals and potions that my doctor gave me. I was EWG and I found this company! For some reason, I wanted to try it and I have never looked back. This cleanser is essential because it helps with acne and scars. Spots have lightened up 50% or more. If I don’t mess up my skin with I eat … This cleanser plus the gentle lotion has given my skin more thickness, less sensitivity and a happy appearance. I love this cleanser please try if you want a aha cleanser that won’t due more damage in the long run! Thank you BNO

  54. Alice Carlson

    Love this facial wash, it gives my skin clarity and helps declog pores. I use in the morning, followed by Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel, and then CoQ10 Balancing Mist, followed my MultiPeptide serum. In the evenings I use Bio-Active Cleanser, followed by MultiPeptide Serum. Love, love, love this line and the results gained without toxicity!

  55. Katherine McCauley

    Good face wash. I like the smoothness of the gel and that it is made with good ingredients.

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