Sensitive Skin 7-Piece Trial Gift Collection

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Sensitive Skin 7-Piece Trial Gift Collection

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This is a perfect selection for those with sensitive skin. Give the gift of organic skincare to someone who needs a gentle, non-irritating collection. We know you will enjoy the benefits you gain using organic skincare products that are combined to most effective for your sensitive skin. This 7-Piece sample collection is also a great size to pack in your weekend bag.


  • Micellar Cleansing Water  – 2 oz
  • Chamomile Balancing Mist – 5 ml
  • Gentle Face Lotion – 7 ml
  • Deep Cleansing Oil Treatment – 1 oz
  • Seaweed Mask – 7 ml
  • Pomegranate Facial Scrub – 7 ml
  • Aloe Leaf Body Lotion – 1 oz



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  • Skin Type

    Sensitive Skin

  • Full Ingredient List

    Micellar Cleansing Water: Our Micellar water is comprised of an array of high performing botanicals including sea fennel extract, sea kelp extract and algae extracts.

    Chamomile Balancing Mist The Chamomile Balancing Mist, in sample size, is designed to protect and nourish sensitive skin while gently bringing skin into the proper pH balance. Chamomile, Lemongrass, Edelweiss and Milk thistle calms irritated skin with anti-inflammatory properties, while antioxidants in Calendula protects and Sea Kelp provides and nourishes strong cellular structures. After cleansing, prepare your skin for optimal absorption of serums and moisturizers with this balancing mist.
    Gentle Face Lotion This lotion was specifically designed to offer rich nutrients and polyphenyls in a soothing base to nourish, calm and condition sensitive skin.
    Deep Cleansing Oil Treatment and Eye Makeup Remover This soothing, two-in-one cleansing oil and eye makeup remover is carefully blended with non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging), certified organic, cold-pressed and highly nutritional oils to gently cleanse deep within the pores, while preserving your skin’s lipid barrier, balance and moisture.

    Pomegranate Facial Scrub: This mild facial scrub uses jojoba beads to gently remove surface build up, leaving behind a smooth texture and a radiant glow. May be used daily or as a once a week treat. The aroma and foaming action has made this a best seller.

    Seaweed Mask: Our masks are designed to stimulate blood circulation while providing nourishment, detoxification and skin correction. Your skin will be left healthy with a radiant glow. Due to its concentrated potency, the aroma is of natural seaweed however; the healthy radiance it produces in your skin will be well worth it.
    Aloe Leaf Body Lotion:A soothing lotion that hydrates and heals with the power of Pure Aloe Vera. Aloe has been used for centuries to repair dry and damaged skin and help soothe minor skin irritations. Grapeseed is a light oil which quickly disappears into the skin leaving no greasy residue. With a PH Level of distilled water this lotion is perfect for daily use. Scent: Pink Grapefruit

  • How To Use

    Micellar Cleansing Water:  Use morning and/or night for a light, effective cleanse. Moisten cotton pad and gently sweep over face. Repeat as needed. To remove eye makeup: Hold pad over closed eyes for a few seconds, then gently wipe clean. Repeat as needed. Your skin will be left clean, moisturized and refreshed.

    Deep Cleansing Oil Treatment: Shake gently before use. Saturate cotton ball with oil. Apply to eye area and hold for several seconds, wiping clean with downward strokes. Repeat using fresh cotton ball if necessary. Apply a pump full of oil to palm and massage thoroughly into face and neck area. Use warm damp cloth to remove oil, debris and face makeup.

    Chamomile Balancing Mist: Lightly mist face after cleansing and throughout the day to balance, hydrate and nourish acne-prone skin.

    Gentle Face Lotion: Apply a small amount to fingertips and apply to face, neck and décolleté in an upward motion.

    Aloe Leaf Body Lotion: This is the perfect lotion for all over the body. Use daily to nourish and protect your skin.

    Seaweed Mask: Apply small amount on the palm of your hand and add several drops of water. Mix and apply to face and neck area. Let the nutrients absorb for 15-30 minutes and rinse well with tepid water.

    Pomegranate Facial Scrub: Place scrub in palm, add water while working up a lather. Cleanse face and neck area in a circular motion, rinse well. Recommended use: Gentle enough to be used every day.

100% Lead Free

Certified Organic ingredients

Cruelty Free

Filler Free

Made in the USA

Paraben Free

Sulfate Free


1 review for Sensitive Skin 7-Piece Trial Gift Collection

  1. Shanna Manning

    I love everything in this kit. My skin is so sensitive, and there aren’t many things that won’t irritate it. I have been on a quest to switch over to more natural, organic products, and let’s face it…most of the natural products just don’t perform as well as the chemical ridden products. However, THIS is the exception. These products WORK great, and they are completely natural. I am so pleased!

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